The story of iKids Fashion is a personal one for our family. Before I became a father, I didn’t have an opinion about those, who some consider, “special needs”. I am not proud of my lack of interest or knowledge. Part of my indifference was my feeling of being “uncomfortable” being around a person who was not the same as me. I didn’t dislike anyone – they were just “invisible” to me.

As I write that line it makes me sad because that’s how a majority of society sees people with autism, down syndrome, asbergers or anyone who acts “different” for that matter. Of course to the families, friends and caregivers – these children and adults have great value and so much to offer. I see that now! Our son, David Matthew who is 4 years old, was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum when he was only 18 months old. From about the age of two, he had the innate ability to disrobe.

His “Houdini” like behavior was often inappropriate but wasn’t much of a big deal until he started “digging” in his diaper. You can read on the Testimonial page the true story of our first real “poop-storm”. My wife, Sherry, who is the ultimate autism researcher, quickly discovered that we were not the only family effected by these “poopisodes”.

We soon found out that many special needs children are late potty trainers and even realized that this is sometimes an issue for many families- even those who do not have children with a “special needs” diagnosis. Sometimes it’s just simply a phase little ones go through! We started to put his sleepers on backwards to avoid the disrobing, but as he grew, it was getting difficult to find them in larger sizes.

In early 2009 we began thinking about starting a business that would create and provide good looking, comfortable, one piece rompers that would zip up the back. We experimented with many “home made” and traditional methods and prototypes with snaps and fasteners of different sorts. None were either convenient and flexible enough or else they caused a reaction from our son who, like many special needs children, has a very strong issue with touch sensitivity.

After several prototypes, many hours of work, help from others and a lot of praying, we have developed the Wonder Jumper. It is made with those sensitivities in mind and with no uncomfortable or unrealistic gadgets and nuisances!