As parents of a special needs child we know your days and nights. iKids was developed as a solution to the various problems that you encounter on a daily basis, without bringing unwanted attention to your situation.

The “I” in iKids is short for “Invisible”. Unfortunately special needs children have been invisible to society and to the fashion world. iKids initial offering is the Wonder Jumper – a soft, 100% cotton romper that is designed to zip up the back. This unique feature allows for complete freedom of movement while eliminating that seemingly innate ability of special needs kids to disrobe and go exploring in their diapers.

The Wonder Jumper was inspired by our son, David Matthew. We knew that we weren’t the only parents or caregivers dealing with these inevitable and unpleasant issues- and thinking about the fashion aspect of the situation – the Wonder Jumper made perfect sense!

Kids Fashion is more than just a clothing line… it’s a life line. A real life family is behind the name – not a corporation with a lot of high paid executive titles, researchers and marketers.

Our initial offering of the Wonder Jumper is just a start to the iKids name. We also offer support, courage, hope and hopefully – a “break” to the parents and caregivers of the children who use our products. Read about our story or view some Testimonials